Questions to Ask a Lebanon SEO Company

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ibaroodySEO is very crucial to the success of your online business. You need to stay updated with Google algorithms for strategies like link building. That is not really easy but an expert Lebanon SEO team can help you accomplish this feat.

The crucial thing is: how can you spot an SEO expert from a great number of SEO companies in Lebanon? Here are some questions you need to ask a supposedly SEO expert to vet him out.

  1. What are your SEO strategies?

Understanding the techniques used by an SEO practitioner will show you if he is a professional or not. You need to know about white hat and black hat SEO strategies. White hat techniques comply with the algorithms used by different search engines, while black hat strategies use shady ways to get your website to the top of the list.

If a search engine finds out you are using black hat techniques, it will blacklist your website. That will spell its doom on the internet.

  1. Are you concerned about content?

A SEO company can just drop irrelevant links in any kind of content. This strategy does not only work, but it backfires on the user. Ask the SEO professional which comes first, the link or the content? His answer will tell you if he can be trusted or not.


  1. Can you give me some references?

The recent updates on Google’s algorithm require you to be more careful about the SEO Lebanon expert you will hire. You should therefore ask him for companies he has already served and their sample reports.

  1. How do you quickly generate links?

This is a trap question and his answer will show you what kind of SEO strategies he is using. The unprofessional SEO practitioner will try to impress you by offering fast link building methods that are not legal. But the professional SEO specialist will tell you that there is no fast and easy way of doing it.

This will show you what kinds of links he is providing and if they practice any SEO technique that violates the guidelines of popular search engines.

  1. How do you define quality content?

You need to know how he regards content in his link-building program. He must not just drop links here and there even in unrelated contents. Today’s search engines reward websites who build links only with good and related sources of information.


  1. What is your take on the latest Google SEO initiative?

The latest SEO initiative of Google is strict on link-building. Its latest system penalizes websites which are too SEO-optimized and pay for links. The world is now entering a new internet age and the best method of increasing your page rank is to write high quality content that search engines will read organically.


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