A Sydney Sightseeing Experience to Remember

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When we had an impending vacation, there was no doubt about the place we were going to head to. Australia had always been right on top of my personal list of must see places. I had seen too many beautiful pictures and heard amazing things about this mystical land down under. It was no doubt then that I was going to start my tour of the country by visiting one of its most famous cities- Sydney. My husband and I were really looking forward to our first time in the city and we were looking to hire comprehensive Sydney Day Tours. I decided to get straight to searching for the right sightseeing opportunity.

The internet was naturally the first place I looked. I found a few really good services that plied daily. I especially liked one particular service that offered a wide array of choices for sightseeing in Sydney. Apparently, they also provided the most comfortable tour setting of the lot. All their escorted tours were conducted in air conditioned deluxe luxury buses that covered some really unique attractions. This was just what I wanted as I was looking for a blend of the renowned attractions with other lesser known wonders. I went ahead and used their online booking facility to quickly book the day tour.

Finally, with excitement and thrill we started our first day tour and I must say the organization was amazingly efficient. We were welcomed by guides that related the day’s itinerary to us and some additional tidbits about the city. No time was wasted to start making the best of the Sydney sightseeing tour. The first place we were taken to, much to my excitement was the Sydney Opera House. The beautiful structure I had seen so many times in postcards and on travel shows was even better in reality. We were taken on a complete tour of the Opera House and got the opportunity to see its architecture and cultural atmosphere up close. My husband and I were completely mesmerized by its exquisiteness.

Our next stop, much to my husband’s excitement was the famous Harbor Bridge. This was the highlight of the tour. We had the remarkable opportunity of climbing to the peak of the Bridge and experiencing a breath taking view of the city. The Sydney skyline looked glorious from the bridge’s zenith and I was simply immersed in the whole experience.

The rest of the tour was just as wonderful and we got to see a number of places and attractions that we had only heard of before. Also, I would really like to put in a word for our tour guides who were the most amazing and friendly people on the tour. They had such a deep knowledge about every attraction and vowed us with the trivia and history on the many places of Sydney. Every historic place really seemed to come alive due to the information they related to us. I would highly recommend this company as the best Australia Day Tours service in the city. Anyone visiting the city should definitely take a tour with them.

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